Kindergarten to Grade 10

Basic Education

Education is a passport to a brighter future. Hence, taking that first step towards developing knowledge and skills necessary in life is important at an early age.

Basic Education is the stepping stone to the total development of children. At Baliuag University, we prioritize the learning needs of the youth, the future of our world, through quality basic education services. Our programs provide holistic learning for the 21st century learners through not only academic learning, but life skills values formation as well.






At this level, children learn the basic skills that they will use throughout their lives. Our kindergarten program helps our students to develop and grow through play, movement and classroom interaction. Aside from basic reading, writing and mathematics, we help them to develop their language, motor, communication and social skills.



Grade School

In the Grade School, the children further develop cognitively, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Our grade school program goes beyond academic learning to provide students with values learning and extracurricular activities.



Junior High School

The High School builds on students’ knowledge and skills foundations to prepare them for senior high school and the college level. The program further molds students for their total development through a well-rounded and holistic education that emphasize academics, extracurricular, values and skills.



Why BU?


Quality Education


Our Basic Education program provides curricula for the holistic development of our students-from written and oral communication skills to physical education and values formation. We aim to develop lifelong learners as the knowledge and skills they learn during these stages are those that they will build on throughout their lives. To prepare them for senior high school, and later on, the tertiary level, they will be taught to become confident communicators, effective leaders and technologically competent individuals equipped with 21st century skills.

To continuously strive for our students’ enrichment and meet their needs, we conduct diagnostic tests in Mathematics, English, and Science from Grade 3 to 10 to assess their knowledge and skills. Moreover, we employ the 5E’s of online learning (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate) in delivering instruction to sustain learners’ interest in the lesson, develop their study habits and practice collaboration with co-learners.



Competent and Compassionate Faculty


Our faculty members are passionate educators, eager to aid the learning and development of the youth. To further hone their capacities, we provide our faculty with various professional development and training activities and courses.



Learning Resources


Our facilities ensure the effective delivery of classroom learning. We have air-conditioned classrooms and science, computer and TLE laboratories. Furthermore, our instruction aided by the latest technology enhances the learning experience of the students. In line with our goal to help learners continue their education despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Baliuag University utilizes the University Learning Alternative Platform (ULAP). Using the ULAP, Baliuag University Basic Education learners will have flexible, accessible and self-paced learning environment in the confines and safety of their homes. Learners can also study on their own pace and according to their learning styles, guided by BU’s compassionate and caring teachers.



Affiliations and Partnerships for Enhanced Learning


Affiliations with external organizations promote further learning not only for students, but for faculty members as well, thereby ensuring up-to-date and competitive education. We maintain affiliations and partnerships with the Bulacan Private Schools Association (BulPriSA), Chumphon Sueska School and Prempracha Wattana School in Thailand, Techfactors Inc., Frontlearners, and Scholastic Inc.



Opportunities for Learning


Basic Education extends beyond academics. We encourage our students to join clubs to further develop their skills and interests. We have clubs for music lovers, aspiring chefs, photographers, earth savers, and science explorers, dancers, athletes, computer programmers and singers. In addition, there are also clubs for those who are interested in journalism, bible studies, arts and crafts, theatre arts, history, mathematics and public speaking.


Not only that, we also encourage, and support our students to join different competitions, such as the BulPriSA. MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge, division and regional secondary school press conferences, EDDIS Collaborative Publishing and Radio Broadcasting, UP Timpalakan, DepEd Sudoku Challenge, Diwa’s Pasiklaban sa Paaralan and Scholastic Readers Cup.



Values Formation


In keeping with the University’s core values of Responsibility, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Respect RISER), BU Basic Education Conducts Human Spiritual Enhancement Program (HASEP) to our pupils and students. The activity aims to develop pupil’s spiritual growth and relationship to God, and to make them realize the importance of being better individuals through various discussions, lectures, sharing, motivational games and activities.



Helping Those in Need


BU is a proud FAPE-ESC Certified School. The ESC, or Educational Service Contracting, is implemented by the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) under the program provided for by Republic Act 8545, or the Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education, or GASTPE. The main objective of this government program is to partner with qualified private schools to provide subsidiaries for public school students.





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