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A Liberal Arts education fosters knowledge and skills that are versatile, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary to help you reach your full potential. No matter what course you choose in Liberal Arts, you gain the background for working across a diverse number of careers in the arts, media, NGOs, private sector, and government. The liberal arts core curriculum provides a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Liberal arts careers also prepare you for higher studies in law, the social sciences, and public administration.

Baliuag University College of Liberal Arts and General Education instills the importance and value of lifelong learning. Join us in an exciting journey of learning!

Be a critical thinker, a story communicator, or a social advocate. Find your creative side and open yourself to a wealth of opportunities. 


Our Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAC)

The BAComm degree integrates communication theories, principles, best practices, and tools in culminating hands-on experience in various fields of communication. BAC prepares you for careers in journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations, scriptwriting, editing, programming, and management. Learn to communicate in multimedia formats and platforms to create content, and to lead organizations while subscribing to high standards and practices.

Career Paths/Related Careers: Work in mass media and take on roles in news reporting, politics, lifestyle, sports, show business, environment, innovation in business, finance, and technology. Choose from careers in print, radio, television, online, advertising, and public relations.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BAPS)

The BAPS degree focuses on theories and methods related to the study of law and politics. Students conduct analysis of historical, legal, institutional, and theoretical issues, to gain a substantive understanding of the discipline, either as a pre-law program or for further studies in public administration and governance.

Career Paths/Related Careers: Work as a legal assistant, political analyst, paralegal assistant, journalist, educator, non-profit organization director, or public service officer or consultant.

The College of Liberal Arts and General Education is an academic unit of Baliuag University that provides the general education courses to all degree programs offered by the University. The University ensures that its students receive quality instruction. For the general education courses enhancement, the University has subscribed to the following:

1.    FrontLearners

2.    Labster

3.    Curiosity Stream


Frontlearners Inc., is an e-learning content and technology solution provider. It provides curriculum-based ready to use, affordable and high-speed blended teaching solution. The modules which are uploaded in Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System, are used by the faculty and students in their synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

FrontLearners module is integrated in the following general education courses:

Ø  Ged 1 – Understanding the Self

Ø  Ged 2 – Readings in Philippine History

Ø  Ged 3 – The Contemporary World

Ø  Ged 4 – Mathematics in the Modern World

Ø  Ged 5 – Purposive Communication

Ø  Ged 6 – Art Appreciation

Ø  Ged 7 – Science, Technology, and Society

Ø  Ged 8 – Ethics

Ø  Ged 9 – Rizal                                                                                          

Labster, the world’s leading platform for virtual science laboratory simulations, provides for interactive learning.

Curiosity Stream, an online resource, features thousands of documentary films and series, including award-winning exclusive originals, spanning, science, nature, history, technology, society and lifestyle. Faculty members make use of these materials for the enhancement of general education courses.

In addition to the mandated general education courses, the University offers Social Arts courses. These are unique courses that are only offered at Baliuag University designed with the purpose of helping students to fully integrate into college life. These courses also aim to transcend student development beyond their activity as students, thus making more responsible and productive citizens of the community and of the country.


Why BU?

Quality Instruction

A comprehensive curriculum that cover theory and practice for students to develop their critical thinking skills, social consciousness, communication skills, and creative independence.

Adheres to and goes beyond CHED’s national standards, policies and guidelines.

Accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) programs to wit: Level III pre-accredited status for BA Political Science and BA Communications 

State-of-the-Art Facilities (On campus laboratories and training facilities)

Radio Laboratory for BAComm students to manage the official radio station of Baliuag University. BUFM 100.7 is the only radio station specifically made for a Communication Arts program, in the province of Bulacan.

TV laboratory for television and broadcasting production.

Competent Faculty

A high degree of professionalism, teaching, research, and extension activities

Participation in various training programs to further enhance their knowledge and skills in their respective disciplines


Contact Us

Baliuag University College of Liberal Arts and General Education (CLAGE)
2nd Flr., Consuelo Alejo Santiago Bldg., Gil Carlos Street, Baliwag City, Bulacan
(044) 766 0396 / 766 2045 local 310

[email protected]



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