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Every aspect of human life is touched by the continuously growing Information Technology (IT) landscape. There is software and/or hardware for nearly everything that we do, be it learning in school, working at the office at home, communicating with people here and abroad, accessing entertainment media, and connecting with others through social media.

Baliuag University College of Information Technology Education 

Computer Science and information technology graduates find jobs in a wide range of careers including application and game development, web programming, network administration and security management, database administration, service management, software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Since computers are becoming more prevalent, computer science and information technology jobs are available in almost every field.

Enroll in one of our IT programs, and gain practical knowledge and critical thinking skills to be able to effectively perform in this evolving profession. Our programs provide a good balance between theory and hands-on exploration of information technology and computing-related tools.


Our Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

The core of the BSCS curriculum will provide you with the knowledge and skills concerning the concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations, implementation, and application of information and computing solutions. In addition, the BSCS program offers two specialization tracks: Animation and Game Development and Software Development.

Animation and Game Development

This track focus on the tools and techniques required to understand and use the components of design, drawing, 2D and 3D asset creation, animation and storyboarding, programming for game as well as development in preparation for entering the interactive entertainment industry.

Career Opportunities:

• 3D Character Animator

• Game Programmer

• Game Designer

• Game Graphic Artist 

• Web Designer

• Web Programmer

• 2D Animator 

• 3D Animator 

• Unity Developer


Software Development Track 

The Software Development Track prepares students to become professional software engineers. Students learn the concepts and techniques required to successfully design and implement complex software systems. The courses in this track emphasize understanding of computer systems, their operation, and performance, as well as core software engineering principles including requirements definition, user experience design, quality assurance, and project management.

Career Opportunities:

• Application Software Developer

• System Software Developer

• Research and Development Computing Professional

• Database Programmer/Designer

• Quality Assurance Specialist

• Systems Analyst

• Software Engineer

• Software Project Manager

• Software Support Specialist


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

The coursework under this program is designed to give you a solid foundation in the study of the use of computers and computer software in planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing, administering and maintaining information technology infrastructure to address the needs of an organization. The program prepares graduates to address various users’ needs involving selection development, application, integration and management of computing techniques within an organization.

Web and Mobile Application Development Track

The concentration in Web Application Development introduces the fundamental concepts of web applications, providing comprehensive coverage of both client-side and server-side development.

Career Opportunities:

• Front End Web and App Developer

• Back End Web and App Developer

• Database Administration/Mining/Analytics

• Human-computer interaction Specialist

• Database designer/administrator 

• Content management system manager


Network Administration and Security Management Track

The Network Administration Degree program is designed to prepare students for a career in the networking field. The Cisco Network Administrator Specialty Program is designed to prepare students for positions in the networking field, dealing with Cisco equipment specifically. The program curriculum covers planning, implementing, managing, and troubleshooting a network infrastructure. Topics include Microsoft client and server operating systems, Unix client and server operating systems. PC hardware, network hardware, routing, security and server applications, network troubleshooting, and network development.

Data Science and Software Design Track 

The Data Science and Software Design track is a work-study degree program designed to grow multidisciplinary software development talents with a mix of 21st-century cutting-edge technological expertise like Data Science, Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Natural Language Processing(NLP) with small to medium scale enterprise applications development. The work2learn journey begins with an intensive 12-month coding Bootcamp where learners will clock up on industry practitioners in over 2000 hours of guided training and personalized mentoring. 

Finally, the course enables them to be an all-rounder with professional communication strategies, interpersonal skills, collaboration skills with digital marketing, and entrepreneurship skills that play a vital role in the modern workplace.

Career Opportunities: 

• Front End Web and App Developer

• Back End Web and App Developer

• Data Scientist

• AI/Machine Learning Specialist

• Human-computer interaction Specialist

• Database designer/administrator 

• Content management system manager


Service Management for BPO Track

The curriculum for the Service Management for BPO covers a balance of functional areas, which increases competencies in critical thinking, communication, service culture, and computer literacy. It broadens the knowledge and skills needed in both local and international business environments. It prepares students for important roles in a varied and global field of service management.

Career Opportunities:

• Technical Support Representative

• Customer Service Representative

• Desktop Support Engineers

• Network Administrators

• Business Analyst

• Employee Relations Associate


Associate in Computer Technology (ACT)

This is a two-year course, which will equip students with the necessary technical skills for an entry job in computer technology involving either software programmer or computer networks. Should you wish to pursue your education and career options, this program will provide you with the basic skills and experience required to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Career Opportunities:

• Computer or Electronics Repair Specialist

• Computer Support Technician 

• Computer System Specialist



Why BU?

Quality, Practitioner-focused Instruction

Our programs provide a balanced approach to software and hardware applications and their conceptual underpinnings. With special focus on practitioner-focused discipline, the programs offer an array of specializations that prepare students to pursue various areas of the information economy. To enhance the learning experience, students are provided with a real grasp of actual technology, development tools and paradigms through hands-on approach.

All of our programs require completion of a common IT, and CS and IS core courses, specialization courses of students’ choice, additional services, and a capstone project for BSIT and thesis in computing for the BSCS program.

As a testament to the quality of instruction, the College was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Development for Information Technology Education. In addition, two programs, BSIT and BSCS, have been granted Level III Accreditation Status by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission Accreditation (PACUCOA).

Competent and Experienced Faculty

All of our courses are taught by qualified faculty and industry professionals who have had years of experience in IT, and hold either a masteral or doctoral degree in an IT-related field. Moreover, all of our faculty members are Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS), Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA), Information Technology Specialist, and Cisco Instructor Certified.

High-end Facilities

IT students get to use 11 state-of-the-art computer laboratories of the university, which include Mac Laboratory and Cisco Laboratory. Students benefit immensely from 1:1 ratio of computer to student. Through continuously improving our facilities, we prepare students for a variety of careers spanning all facets of the information-age economy.

Additional Avenues for Learning

The Information Technology Education (ITE) of the College integrated online tools like the University’s learning management system, Canvas; Social Media and Office 365 into the curriculum.

Further, the College maintains an affiliation with Lithan EduCLaaS Pte Ltd Singapore for the newest specialization track of the BSIT program, Berlitz for English Language Enhancement, Foreign Language and Customer service relation courses and on-the-job training, and FIT Academy for SAP Business One information technology and accounting courses, Cisco Networking Academy and Oracle Academy

International Certifications

Our programs integrate international IT certificates into core subjects to boost the competitiveness of our students. These include assessments for Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associates, and Cisco Certification.

Proven Employability 

Results-driven and competency-based education, one which is aligned with IT industry needs, guarantees a high employability rate for our graduates. Based on graduate tracer studies, all of our graduates are employed or become IT entrepreneurs as early as one month after graduating.

External Linkages

To further hone the knowledge and skills of both our faculty and students, we maintain linkages with well-known IT organizations, such as the Philippine Society of IT Educators(PSITE), Philippine Computer Society(PCS), Computing Society of the Philippines(CSP), Association of Computing Education Deans and Program Heads (ACEDPH), Bulacan ICT Council, Student Society on IT Education, Philippine Institute of Cybersecurity Professionals and Animation Council of the Philippines. 


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