Baliuag University Hatid Lingap sa mga Nangangailangan (HALINA)

BU HALINA is an integrated and developmental community outreach program participated in by students, faculty members and non-teaching personnel of the University’s different departments and service units and formally launched in August 1992.


BU HALINA envisions developing healthy, environmentally conscious, and productive members of the community functioning according to their potentialities and capabilities.


BU HALINA commits itself to initiate and implement projects and activities that will promote community development and will help meet the needs of the disadvantaged and underprivileged sectors in the municipality of Baliuag and its neighboring areas, through partnership with barangay people and linkages with government and non-government agencies.


1.      Active and organized community participation in health programs and projects.

2.      Increased people’s consciousness and concern for clean and green environment.

3.      Promotion of health among the various sectors of the community, especially women, children, and the elderly.

4.      Greater productivity through technical and other skills training for livelihood.

5.      Provision of educational assistance to children with learning difficulties.


BU HALINA Organizational Structure

BU HALINA is an integrated, multidisciplinary, and developmental community outreach program coordinated by the Center for Community Services. 

The Program Director of the Center for Community Services is directly responsible to the President. The Program Coordinator was appointed for better coordination of the various community outreach projects of the different departments/ units of the university. The Project Coordinators from the different departments/colleges/units assist and coordinate with the Program Coordinator and Program Director in the monitoring and evaluation of the community activities conducted and in the consolidation of reports and documents.



 At present, BU HALINA Program composed of ten major project components with community outreach activities initiated and participated in by the various constituents of the school from various departments such as College of Liberal Arts and General Education (CLAGE), College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), College of Environmental Design and Engineering (CEDE), College of Education and  Human Development (CEHD), College of Information Technology Education (CITE), College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (CNAHS), College of Hospitality Management and Tourism (CHMT), Basic Education, Senior High School, School of Graduate Studies (SGS), BU Alumni Association (BUAA) and in coordination with the Center for Community Services.

At present, BU HALINA Program includes the following ten project components:

1.      Each-One, Teach-One Project is an approach to provide tutorial services to assist pupils who are slow readers and non-readers in selected public elementary schools.  This project has been undertaken by the CEHD and CLAGE.

2.      Project Healthy Aging for the Elderly which provides physical, psychological and spiritual activities to the senior citizens in the community.  These senior citizens are being met regularly every first and third Sunday of the month. These senior citizens have formally organized themselves into the Baliuag U Senior Citizens Club (BUSCC).  The project is under the supervision of the CNAHS.

3.      Skills Training for the Out-of-School Youth Project which conducts a three-month course on Practical Electricity. Electronics and TV Repair, Computer Literacy and Basic Maintenance. This project is a joint undertaking of the CEDE and BUAA.

4.      Project Clean and Green Environment, which mobilizes the community to become actively involved in the promotion and maintenance of a clean and green environment.  This project is being undertaken by the Basic Education, Senior High School, NSTP and the various collegiate organizations.              

5.      Cultural and Sports Development Project, which provides cultural, physical fitness and sports activities to the various barangays.  This is primarily managed by the Physical Education Department participated by the BU Varsity Players, BU Dance Troupe, BU Chorale, BU Band and the various students’ organizations.

6.      Community Organizing Project which utilizes the Health Resource         Development Program (HRDP) Model as a strategy in implementing    Primary Health Care in the community. This includes project in selected adopted communities and Gawad Kalinga Project in Brgy. Piel. This project is being undertaken by CNAHS and CEDE.

7.      Computer Literacy Project which conducts computer training to faculty and students in selected public schools who have no access to technical and information technology training. This project is a joint undertaking of the CBAA, CEDE and CITE.

8.      Basic Health, Medical and Counseling Services Project which assists in maintaining health of the underserved members of the community, especially women, children, and elderly. The CNAHS, CLAGE, Health Services, BUAA, and various student organizations have jointly been undertaking this project.

9.      Community Support Services Project that includes other services extended by the Baliuag University to the community such as providing consultancy services of its faculty members and sharing of the school’s facilities and resources for community outreach activities, Adopt a School as well as Brigada Eskwela. This project is joint undertaking of SGS, CLAGE, CEHD, CHMT, CBAA, CEDE, CNAHS and CITE.

10.  Livelihood Skills Training Project. Lessons in Food Processing and Food Preservation, Massage and Reflexology, and Beauty Culture are conducted for the out-of-school youths, mothers, and adults as well. The CEHD, CLAGE, CEDE, CHMT, BUAA are jointly undertaking this project.


For inquiries, you can contact:

Dean Elizabeth R. Roxas

BU HALINA Program Director

[email protected]

(044) 766-2045 loc.401


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