Center for Research and Publication

Center for Research and Publication


The Center for Research and Publications of Baliuag University directs and manages the conduct and dissemination of research outputs, creative and innovative work. The Center aims to incite the University research community to initiate and produce scholarly activities.  Moreover, CfRP is expected to continuously improve the research capability of faculty, staff and students and to oversee the ethical practices of researchers and to monitor and assess research and creative work of the research community. 


Research, creative and innovative works in Baliuag University (BU) are guided by the Commission on Higher Education-National Higher Education Research Agenda (CHED- NHERA), which integrates the concerns of higher education sector with the overall development goals and objectives of the Philippines, the National Innovation System and the higher education international community (CHED-NHERA, 2009). Research of faculty, staff and students is guided by the University policies on research and creative work, research agenda and the institutional objectives.  Further, any research pursued by faculty and staff is also directed by the University research agenda, which is anchored on BU’s institutional objectives.  This is includes the faculty member’s field of specialization notwithstanding research interests as well as the needs and concerns of the BU community and its various stakeholders.


The BU research agenda aims to provide focus and direction on the University institutional, basic and applied research, and creative work; to serve as guide to all colleges and departments, their faculty, staff, and students in the choice of research activity or project; and to serve as basis to maximize use of University resources and avoid duplication of research efforts.


The Baliuag University’s Center for Research and Publications annually publishes “Harvest”, the institutional research journal publication of the University. It adheres to the promotion of multidisciplinary and timeliness of issues.  Harvest is accredited by the Andrew Gonzales Philippine Citation Index (AGPCI) which is a journal indexing and citation database for Philippine academic journals.


The journal’s website may be accessed through





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