Enrollment Procedure Senior High School

Enrollment Procedure Senior High School 



STEP 1: Admission Office


·         Grade 10 Report Card/School Form 9 (Original)

·         Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original)

·         1pc Recent 1x1 ID Photo (Original)

·         PSA Certified Birth Certificate (Photocopy)

·         Accomplished Transferee Processing Form (for Transferee)

·         Certified of Completion (Grade 10)

·         For Private School: ESC / QVR Certificate

·         List of Subject Taken (for Grade 12)



STEP 2: Principal’s Office


·         Subject Enlistment



STEP 3: Registrar’s Office


·        Claim the Registration Form with Assessment of Fees



STEP 4: Finance Office


·         Payment of Tuition Fee




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