Rommel Pengson

Words are not enough to express my deep gratitude, love, and appreciation to my Alma Mater, Baliuag University, for its commitment to bring out the best that we can be. I am forever grateful to the College of Nursing for my personal growth, and for its immense contribution in molding lives and shaping the future of its graduates..

Whatever I am today, I owe it to my beloved BU College of Nursing. I hold in high respect and esteem my former professors and clinical instructors. Not only did they prepare me academically and clinically but they also imparted to me life’s most valuable lessons.

I also emulate the passion and dedication to work of our Dean Elizabeth Roxas. She is my model of excellence in Nursing Leadership and Management. I am convinced that I have acquired some of her work ethics. Because of that, it allowed me to strive for the best in everything. Her leadership qualities will serve as my toolkit in fulfilling my job as a Ward Manager in the hospital where I work.

Ward Manager
St. Georges University Hospital NHS Trust
London, United Kingdom

BS Nursing 2006
College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
Master of Science in Nursing 2008
School of Graduate Studies

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