Pauline Castillo

Be the Best U can be! Successful Alumni Stories

I entered the university with full academic scholarship. I stayed as a scholar from my freshman year until I graduated. And I can say that the scholarship was the biggest opportunity Baliuag
University has ever given me. I worked hard to maintain my grades for the BU scholarship, without which I would not have been able to attend and finish college, and I would not be here in the position I am in now.
Communication Arts was a relatively new program in the university then. And admittedly, we had limited actual and hands-on training, as well as equipment the university now has for the program. But BU taught me to be courageous, patient, resourceful and hardworking. A college professor once asked us “What is our edge as compared to the known universities in the Philippines?” Now, I can answer that “good attitude and values that BU instilled in me is my edge”.
Certainly, good attitude in a the workplace is the best thing I could offer, I might say. And that is how BU helped bring out the best in me.

Post Production Assistant
GMA Network Inc.
Quezon City

BA Communication 2014
College of Liberal Arts and General Education

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