Llan Robles

The Baliuag University has given me the opportunity to join different organizations like being part of my Department Student Council for three years, and to participate in multiple events. My Alma Mater helped me to trust the process and to believe in yourself because as long as you do your best, opportunities come right after. I was also given the chance to take part in BU's Admission and Marketing Services team which brought out my interest and passion to assist and contribute to the knowledge and needs of other students and even parents.

BU let me explore new things about myself through the many events that I actively joined in as host, speaker or participant. I've learned that entering a Communication course doesn't require expertise and great skills, because everything can be learned as long as you have someone to guide and support you in everything. Thanks to my university, professors, and mentors as I could not have been this confident and well-experienced without their help and guidance.

Digital Marketing Specialist
M Square Media
Kelowna, BC, Canada

BA Communication 2018
College of Liberal Arts and General Education

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