Jonalyn Santos

Be the Best U can be! Successful Alumni Stories

It is the immeasurable support and encouragement by the University that pushed me to my limits and to achieve what I am today.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2011from a premier university in Bulacan and the Philippines is the best credential I earned, as it opened vast opportunities and networks. Had it not been for the intensive in-house Nursing review program, I would not have passed the board examinations.
My second degree in Bachelor of Science in Social Work upgraded my capabilities even further. I met outstanding leaders and respected social workers, who served as my mentors and professors. My dual diplomas bear the reputation of Baliuag University as a top ranking performer in social work and nursing board examinations, and I am proud to carry both.

As a public servant, I have the benefit of a solid foundation of leadership and management backed by heart and conscience, the essentials of professionalism, innovation, and victory, all of which I imbibed from my two degrees.

As a mother, I have learned to give deep importance to family, camaraderie, and friendship, which are values that I acquired from the University’s systematic approach to student welfare and activities. The sense of being nurtured together left no one behind.
As a person, I found my way to self-actualization, faith, and success, which stemmed from my involvement in various co-curricular activities that developed not only the intellect but also the moral and social dimensions of a student’s life. This is Baliuag University’s trademark.

It takes a holistic approach to lead a person toward the path to success. Encouragement to become better may not be enough. But helping others to become the best is the ultimate and divine goal. That is how BU brings out the Best in U.

Municipal Councilor
Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines

BS Nursing 2011
College of Nursing

BS Social Work 2016
College of Education and Human Development

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