Jasper Dimla

Be the Best U can be! Successful Alumni Stories

Aside from the scholarship grants given by the University, I believe the people behind my department made transitioning into the corporate life smoother. I was able to build my skills set through the guidance of my advisers–Ma’am Vicente, Ma’am Pinky, Ma’am Dollie and the entire CITE faculty–who gave their extra mile teaching us lessons useful and applicable in the workplace. Baliuag University became my stepping stone to the corporate world and its reputation made it easier for me to get interviews and eventually land a job abroad.

It was in High School as a full scholar of BU where my passion for “tech” began. Back then, I already experienced using computers in the school’s dedicated IT laboratories for our subjects with technology integration. After which, I pursued my BSIT studies with the help of another scholarship grant given by BU.

I will always remember that BU never stopped me from exploring my other interests, be it music or giving back to the community. Throughout my stay in the university, I experienced taking part in various activities that made my learning journey truly worthwhile and enjoyable.

Senior Software Engineer
Singapore Press Holdings

BS Information Technology 2015
College of Information Technology Education

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