Ana Barlam

Be the Best U can be! Successful Alumni Stories

As a grantee of the Domingo Santiago Sr. – Consuelo Alejo Scholarship Foundation (DSSR – CASSF), I was provided with free books, transportation allowance, free tuition fee, and free miscellaneous fees throughout my 4 years in college. In all honesty, had it not been for DSSR-CASSF, I could not have started and just forget about finishing college. My family had long been in deep and persistent poverty. Baliuag University’s scholarship program gave me a chance to end it. Believe it or not, as far as I know I am the very first college graduate in the family. I will forever be grateful to this institution and the people behind it for the (said) opportunity.

I consider myself a late bloomer. One huge step that help develop my communication skills was when I was sent by the school to a leadership camp twice. The first time was like being thrown into a jungle of other students from different places in the region. That event was the spark to my making a difference in the remaining college days. After that event, opportunities for leadership in the department and even at the university level came around. Little by little, Baliuag University changed the once quiet, timid girl that I was into an outspoken, well-composed woman. I can attest that outside of the academic excellence the University offers, it also provides its students plenty of room for improvement and growth that brings out the potential that one may not even be aware of.

Software Engineer
Infor PSSC Incorporated
Bonifacio Global City

BS Computer Science 2015
College of Information Technology Education

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