Center for Research and Publication

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The Center for Research and Publication is a service unit under the Office of the President.

The Center for Research and Publication shall consist of the Research Director, Assistant Director, and Research staff appointed by the University for a prescribed term. More specifically, the Research Director performs the following functions.

  1. Formulates the Medium-Term and other Research Plans;
  1. Coordinates with the various departments in the preparation and implementation of their respective research programs;
  1. Coordinates with local government units, non-government agencies, BU Alumni Association, private sector, and other research agencies;
  1. Prepares the long term and annual research budget for approval of the Research Council;
  1. Oversees and supervises the publication of the BU Research Journal and the publication of articles prepared by the faculty and students in other professional research outlets or similar publications;
  1. Implements the research capability-building program;
  1. Reviews and evaluates the research proposals of the various departments and recommends their final approval to the Research Council;
  1. Assigns activities to be performed by the research staff;
  1. Monitors and evaluates the performance of the research staff;
  2. Keeps an updated inventory of research studies conducted and journals published; and
  3. Ensures safekeeping of all research documents entrusted to the center such as the MOAs/MOUs manuscripts, etc.

Research work in Baliuag University (BU) is guided by the CHED’s NHERA (2009-2018), [which integrates the concerns of higher education sector with the overall development goals and objectives of the country], the National Innovation System and the higher education international community (CHED-NHERA, 2009). Further, any research project pursued by faculty and staff is also directed by the University research agenda, which are anchored on BU’s institutional objectives. For philosophical purposes, research works in BU are influenced by the faculty and staff’s fields of specialization and interests; needs of the University and community or its service areas, as well as the University research facilities and resources.

The BU Research Agenda are focused on identified research themes and institutional objectives.

  1. Studies on cultural identity and citizenship, youth issues and concern, family studies and multicultural studies;
  2. Program/curricular evaluation studies in higher education, research on quality standards, tracer studies and career development studies, benchmarking academic standards with industry demands, research on school to work transition, multicultural studies;
  3. Policy studies on leadership and governance in business and public service, psychosocial intervention, policy, feasibility and evaluation studies in SMEs, intervention to improve quality of life;
  4. Action research on effective teaching, best practices in effective teaching across levels, alternative materials in engineering, technology and development;
  5. Cultural heritage, Baliwag socio-cultural studies, creative works, literary and art appreciation, indigenous people;
  6. Evaluation studies of community service program, and descriptive studies about specific population/issues (e.g. ageing, ALS, educational intervention, technical vocational outreach).


Baliuag University, through its Faculty Research Program (FRP) which is being supervised by the University’s Center for Research, provides faculty members with research opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, as well as for improved teaching capability. Under this Program, proponents may obtain funds for direct research expenses, and at the same time be compensated in terms of overloading or a research honorarium equivalent to the amount of research units awarded to the project. Research grants are awarded to BU academic teaching and non-teaching staff. Priority is given to full-time faculty members.

Further, the Paper and Poster Presentation Grant Program of Baliuag University allocates funds for its faculty members for travel expenses incurred in the presentation of research outputs funded by the University administration in academic and/or research conferences. The grant is part of the support provided by the Administration to encourage faculty members to produce scholarly research outputs that meet local and international standards. This is aligned with the institutional vision of the University to be recognized for its achievements in research.

Through the said program, faculty members from different departments and colleges have been given the opportunity to present in various local and international conferences as very competitive research presentation packages have been awarded to them.

Baliuag University, through its comprehensive research programs, has managed to increase faculty research proficiency and productivity. In fact, faculty members have been even more enticed to engage in research endeavors as their research outputs are considered part of the reclassification criteria.


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