Research Proposal Process

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Faculty Research Program (FRP)

The Faculty Research Program (FRP) provides faculty members with research opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, as well as for improved teaching capability. Under this Program, proponents may obtain funds for direct research expenses, and at the same time be compensated in terms of overloading or a research honorarium equivalent to the amount of research units awarded to the project.

Basic Requirements/Conditions/Qualifications:

  1. Research grants are awarded to BU academic teaching and non-teaching staff. Priority is given to full-time faculty members.
  1. Normally, the principal proponent for group research projects should be a permanent full-time faculty member.
  1. Upon the recommendation of their dean/chair, part-time faculty members may qualify as co-proponents of research projects. In meritorious cases, they may be considered principal proponents.

However, part-time faculty proponents must have taught at Baliuag University for at least two (2) consecutive terms and must have a track record in research.

  1. Visiting or exchange faculty members with research experience may qualify as proponents, but the duration of the grant should not go beyond the term of their appointment or hiring.
  1. Retiring faculty members with research experience may qualify as proponents, but the duration of the grant should not go beyond the date of their retirement.



Basic/Applied Research

Basic or fundamental research involves experimental or theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without particular or specific application in use (according to DOST guidelines).

Applied research involves an original investigation undertaken to acquire new knowledge toward a specific practical aim or objective (according to DOST guidelines).

Action research and test development are examples of applied research. All theses and dissertations submitted for funding fall under this type of research.

If the proposed research is a thesis/dissertation, a copy of the approval sheet duly signed by the panel, adviser, chair, and dean and a copy of the research proposal must be attached to the research proposal form.

Materials Development Project

This type of project involves developing or evaluating manuals, textbooks, and instructional materials (e.g. software and audio-visual materials).

Experimental Development Project

Experimental Development project refers to systematic work that draws from existing knowledge gained from research and/ or practical experience that is directed to produce new materials, products and devices, install new processes, systems and services, and substantially improve those already produced or installed. (DOST Guidelines on Grants in Aid Funds)


Downloadable forms
PDF-ICON What is a Research Proposal? (pdf/264kb)
PDF-ICON The Research Proposal Form (pdf/547kb)



  1. At the beginning of each semester/school year, the Center for Research issues a call for research proposals. The deadline for submission is as follows:

June 30           –          First semester

November 30  –          Second Semester

  1. The deadline for the submission of project proposals to the Center for Research is strictly observed.