Community Engagement



Guided by its educational vision, the Baliuag University (Baliuag U) realizes its role in contributing to the social development of its community through a well-planned and integrated community outreach program.

Committed to improve the quality of life of the people within its area of service, as reflected in its objectives, the institution exerts every effort to contribute to the development of community life in the municipality of Baliuag and its neighboring areas. For the past three decades, the University has initiated and conducted community outreach projects providing basic health services, adult education, environmental sanitation, cultural and sports development. The services also include the sharing of technical expertise to the community via the use of its facilities and services for various community programs and activities.

In the hope of developing a manageable and sustainable community outreach program, the institution has had to initiate and re-evaluate its various service programs over the past years. Thus, from its inception, the Baliuag U outreach program has evolved to where it is today.