Campus Life

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In Baliuag University, learning does not end in the four corners of your classroom. Here you would be interacting with other students and faculty that would give you a more enriching learning experience that goes beyond the campus.


The University supports its students through a variety of programs and events, including study abroad, student activities, student life experiences and student development.


Basic Education

Field Demonstration

The students of Basic Education get to display their creativity in performing traditional and modern dances during this activity which is considered one of the highlights of the Foundation Week of the University. Colorful costumes, well-choreographed dances, and lively music amaze the audience composed of the students’ parents and relatives during the program.

Teachers’ Day

This is not the usual Teachers’ Day celebrations in most schools. For the past years, this activity is one of the most favorite events of the students because they get to prepare presentations for their beloved teachers. There are also games participated by both the teachers and students.

Human and Spiritual Enhancement Program

This activity is similar to recollection for non-graduating students and retreat for those who are graduating. These activities are not centered on religion to cater to students with different religious affiliations. For the non-graduating students, the program which is done for an entire day is focused on the needs of the entire batch based on their level. Topics include self-awareness, building relationships, being righteous and others are discussed with the learners with the use of fun activities. Fourth year high school students attend a two-day camp which lets them experience enjoyable activities that can help them in becoming a better person in preparation for college.

Juniors’ Ball

The third year students get to dress up for a night of memorable activities. The female juniors wear their gorgeous gowns while the young gentlemen put on their stylish suits. They get to eat, walk, and present themselves with decorum. They dance with their batchmates and enjoy the entire evening which only happens once in their high school life.

Club Days

In Baliuag University High School, the last Friday of each month is dedicated to club activities. This is one way for the University to make sure that the students enjoy their stay in the campus. There are a lot of interest clubs which the students can choose from. There are clubs for Science and Math lovers, guitar players, singers, dancers, movie lovers, fashionistas, chess players, Bible readers, theater actors, literature lovers, journalists, photographers, cooks and bakers, computer programmers and visual artists. The members of each club decide on what they will do for a particular month which is always very enjoyable to club members.

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