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Alagang BU Nursing: Baliuag University produces Top 10 in the June 2019 Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE)

The Baliuag University (BU) has remained steadfast in its commitment to be an educational leader in providing quality education as reflected in the University’s performance in the recent Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) held last June 2-3, 2019. The University garnered a passing rate of 95.24% for first takers which is above the national passing rate of 52.20% for nurses. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 5,059 out of 9,691 passed the Nurse Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing (BoN).

Over the years, Baliuag University has been a home to registered nurses in the country. The BU College of Nursing has been consistent in producing a 100% Passing rate for its Nurse Licensure Examination. Ms. Joy Grace I. Sevilla, a graduate of batch 2019, has recently joined the roster of topnotchers after placing 10th in the June 2019 Nurse Licensure Examination.

Asked about what was her initial reaction when she heard the news on the licensure examination, Ms. Sevilla said “Actually, I was sleeping because I got tired waiting for it; then, my cellphone rang and it was a call from my best friend. She told me I passed the licensure examination but I am still half-asleep by that time so I didn’t have any reaction with what she just said. I am barely awake when she calls again for the second time and now she’s screaming “TOP 10 ka girl! Still, I don’t have any reaction on it since I can’t believe what she just said and I’m still processing that information. I just don’t know what else to do aside by thanking God on that moment so I immediately closed my eyes and pray to God for the blessing that she gave to me.”

The young Nurse added that, “taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing is quite challenging yet worth pursuing. It is where you will see yourself being responsible enough to maintain balance on everything. For an instance, as a student, I will be facing school works, quizzes, and exams given by the professors in school. Then, in hospital duty, there are patients that I will be taking care of, some who are nearly dying and some with toxic behavior. Add to that is my personal life, such as being a daughter and a younger sister to the family. However, despite of all that stress and hardships, one smile or thank you from patient and knowing that they feel better with the care that I give is enough for me to keep going. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, in all honesty, taught me so much about life.

Ms. Sevilla also expresses her sincerest gratitude to her alma mater, Baliuag University, for nurturing her capabilities and harnessing it to its full potential. For example, being the president of their college student organization, CNSO, taught her to be accountable not only on task at hand but for boosting the morale of her colleagues when times at school and hospital duty are tough. Also, she found something that she treasures the most at Baliuag University, a second home. Wherein, she describes it as “in the College of Nursing we’re like a family; an extended one. From our CIs (clinical instructors) who became our second uncles and aunties, our co-nursing students who we see as younger siblings, and our dean, Dean Elizabeth Roxas, who take care on all of us and treated us daughters and sons under her home. “

Dean Elizabeth R. Roxas said that, “our main goal in BU College of Nursing is to produce caring, committed, compassionate, and competent professional nurses who can perform duties and responsibilities both in local and global settings.”

With their efforts in enhancing the quality of learning being taught to nursing students, the BU-College of Nursing continues to revolutionize its BSN program through curriculum enhancements with DOH Health Programs, IT integration, Advanced English Conversational Training course with Berlitz, Team-building and Leadership trainings, Community Outreach utilizing Primary Health Care, special training

programs like BLS and ACLS, Disaster Risk Reduction Management; implementing Related Learning Experiences (RLE) to the nursing students with the supervision of the experienced Clinical Instructors assigned in both government and private health care facilities and by carrying out comprehensive in-house review class which includes diagnostic exams, monitoring of review performance and attendance , use of test framework, and practice in the use of Scantron paper.

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