Philosophy, Mission and Vision Statement



Guided by its firm belief in Divine Providence Baliuag University’s guiding Philosophy is based on humanitarian principles, democracy, sustainable development and peace in the context of change and its threefold precept: patria, scientia, et virtus (country, science and virtue).


Baliuag University aims to be an educational leader in the region, respected and recognized in the Philippines and abroad for its academic excellence, achievements in research, commitment to community service, and pioneering technological advancement.


As a recognized leader in affordable, quality education in Baliuag and its surrounding communities, Baliuag University offers programs that are responsive to the times yet rooted in heritage and humanistic values. Its graduates realize their aspirations as well as society’s greater good. Its employees strive to ever greater heights of academic and ethical excellence. And its research and outreach programs address issues relevant to the communities it serves.



1. To offer programs that will develop the youth into mature and productive individuals, life long learners and responsible community and world citizens.
2. To serve as an instrument for the socio-development and progress in the local, national and global society.

1. To develop the youth into mature and responsible individuals who can function effectively as persons, community members and world citizens.
2. To offer programs that will meet national and global manpower demands.
3. To improve the quality of life of the people within its area of service.
4. To promote science and technology through teaching and research.
5. To help preserve, enrich and evolve Filipino national culture.
6. To promote awareness and active involvement of the school community in various outreach projects and activities.