Total Language Immersion with Berlitz

In an effort to enhance the University’s curricular offerings, all academic programs have added courses through the Berlitz Language Center, a widely recognized international language services company, whom BU has been in partnership with since 2009. Courses include Conversational English, Customer Service Relations, Spanish, Mandarin and Nihongo.

The Berlitz method, developed by Maximilian Berlitz, is a revolutionary teaching method based on the core principle that the best way to learn a second language is the way anyone learns their first language – listening and practicing.

It involves a total immersion in the new language, i.e. one’s native language is used neither in the classroom nor in the materials. This way, lessons can most closely simulate real-life situations in which the student will be using the language, and eliminate having to introduce a concept first in the student’s language and then in the target language. The “direct” approach – from concept to language – is the essence of the Berlitz Method.

To ensure effective delivery and high quality lessons, students benefit from instructors that have native command of their respective languages, and from Berlitz Action Modules that introduce vocabulary and structures in a graduated, step-by-step sequence, so that they are equipped to handle new challenges as they progress.

The Center also issues progress reports, which are discussed with students, advising them of their strengths and opportunities for improvement and assisting them to better understand the process of language learning. Students are also given a level exam where all the skills will be tested.

To date, the partnership with Berlitz has resulted in students’ enhanced communication skills in terms of interactions, conversational ability and interviewing skills. At the end of the course, students receive certificates that serve as an edge in their portfolios upon graduation.

According to Fortune Joy de Lara, General Manager of Berlitz Language Center, one of Berlitz’s biggest goals is to help improve Filipinos’ communication skills so that they are ready and able for the workforce.

“We want to help young Filipinos prepare to enter adulthood with the communication tools needed to get a job,” she said. “In this way, we feel we can impact the overall quality of life of every Filipino. Being a global brand, Berlitz aims to constantly evolve and improve. Working with Baliuag University has helped us stay abreast with the current learning needs in Philippine schools. It also gives us the opportunity to make our students become global professionals.”

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