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Nothing could be more fulfilling than touching a life, and having a life touch yours. In the field of nursing, this could not be truer. To be sure, the challenges are great, but the fruits of one’s labour is, more often than not, rewarding. If you have always cared about, and aim to care for, people’s health now and in the future, then the nursing program at Baliuag University is for you.

College of Nursing

offers nurses quality nursing education to help them become competent, committed, and globally competitive professional nurses. Here at BU, we hope to inspire excellence; the nursing program is no exception, especially as this involves people’s health.
Be one step closer to becoming a nurse, and answering the call to the challenges of health care. Enroll in the nursing program of Baliuag University.

Our Program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Level IV Accredited Status 

The BSN program develops prospective nurses to be highly skilled professionals through high-quality education. Throughout the programme, nursing students will be prepared to become responsible, conscientious and compassionate, even when under stressful situations.

With the aim of instilling the rigor of the nursing profession, the program provides a well-planned curriculum of instructional activities and related learning experiences (RLE) that develops the roles and competencies of  a beginning  nurse in providing  safe  and holistic care to healthy and at risk  individuals, families, population groups and the community. The program also focuses on the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health, alleviation of sufferings, and the provision of end-of-life care.

Career Paths / Related Careers: With nursing being a versatile profession, there are limitless opportunities. Nurses are in high demand in various sectors of the health and health- related industries.

As a Hospital Nurse, work in various capacities such as: Staff Nurse, Head /Senior Nurse, Nurse Manager , Nurse Supervisor, Chief Nurse, Nursing Service Director; and in diverse specialties in the hospital such as Emergency Room Nurse, Intensive Care Unit Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Renal / Dialysis Nurse, ER nurse, Operating Room Nurse, NICU Nurse,  Pediatric Nurse, Maternal Care Nurse,Gerontology Nurse, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurse among others.

As a Nurse Educator, you may become a Dean, Academic and Clinical coordinator, Faculty Member, or Clinical Instructor.

As a Community Health/Public Health Nurse, you have the potential to be a Health Educator, Home Care Nurse, School Nurse. Other related careers include Company Nurse, Private-duty Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, Military Nurse.

In other fields and services, you may also become a Researcher, Nurse/Health Informatics, Nurse entrepreneur, Flight Nurse, or Forensic Nurse.

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