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Follow your BLISs: Baliuag University produces Topnotcher in the September 2018 Librarian Licensure Examination (LLE)

The Baliuag University (BU) has remained steadfast in its mission to be as a leader in quality education as reflected in the University’s performance in the recent Librarian Licensure Examination (LLE) held last September 18-19, 2018. The University garnered a passing rate of 80.00% for first takers which is above the national passing rate of 49.00% for librarians. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 466 out of 951 passed the Librarian Licensure Examination given by the Board for Librarians (BFL).

The University has been a home to registered librarians in the country as well as topnotchers over the past years. The Baliuag University Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) graduates landed in the 10th place in year 2000, 4th place in 2007 and 3rd place in the 2016 Librarian Licensure Examination.

Ms. Briar Rose J. Mariano, recently joined the roster of topnotchers after placing 2nd in the September 2018 Librarian Licensure Examination. According to Ms. Mariano, she has always loved reading and writing. “I really aimed to be in the top and it took a lot of my time. I had to sacrifice a lot of things but in the end everything is worth it”, Mariano said.

Asked about when she heard the news on the licensure examination, Ms. Mariano said “When I first heard about it from a friend, I cried, a childlike cry. After a few minutes, it dawned on me that maybe this is not real, maybe I am just dreaming then my crying stopped and we checked the PRC’s website. When I saw my name on the top 2, that’s when the floating feeling started. Cloud nine is real”.

The young librarian added that “Bachelor of Library and Information Science has been my life for the past four years and it will continue to be. A lot may not know about this program but I am proud of it. Librarianship, for me, is not just a profession but a commitment. A commitment to serving the community on their information needs and a commitment to disseminate knowledge for the benefit of the society.”

Ms. Mariano is currently working as a high school librarian and wants to be an abstractor. “I plan on studying Information Technology (IT) in relation to librarianship and to take up my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science to further my studies”, she added.

The Baliuag University started to offer the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) Program in June 2002 to address the demands of providing the essential theory, principles and practices necessary for the provision of quality and professional library and information services.

Ms. Reina Flor A. Castro, Chief Librarian and current Program Chair of BLIS of Baliuag University, said that “the aim is to produce librarians and information professionals who will uplift the profession and who are equipped with the necessary competencies in the field of Library and Information Science. We want to market the BLIS program; increase the number of students enrolled in the program and involve them in this important profession in our society”.

Presently, the BU BLIS program is a 3-in-1 program wherein Education and Information Technology Courses are added. BU BLIS graduates are eligible to take both the PRC board examinations for Librarians and Teachers.


Reina Flor A. Castro
Chief Librarian and Program Chair, BLIS

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