Center for Instructional Technology and Services (CITS)



The Center for Instructional Technology Services (CITS), established in 1997 as Information Technology and Computer Center (ITCC) – provides the Baliuag University community access to Information Technology (IT) services required to place the Baliuag U community into the mainstream of the growing IT infrastructure.

The Center offers services in the use of the computer laboratories, audiovisual facilities and top-of-the-line equipment, in support of the use of instructional materials and academic departments’ training and presentation needs. CITS also handles the lending and or set-up of various audio visual equipment for use by the BU community.

Its desire to be a vital component of Baliuag U in empowering its graduates to develop “essential high knowledge and skills, humanistic societal valued and attitudes, scientific and technological competence and research” is CITS’ stimulus for high performance services.

CITS facility includes Computer Laboratories, Speech Laboratory, Smart Room and Lecture Rooms which has a sitting capacity of 50.


Our mission is to assist our clientele to become global competitive and IT-knowledgeable by way of providing them with meaningful and up-to-date technological exposure, services and assistance. This is CITS’ role in the pursuance of one of the university’s objectives: “… to promote science and technology through teaching and research.”


The Center is committed to provide comprehensive and relevant support services for the Baliuag U community to achieve high-technology learning experience, communication and productivity work to produce the most competent and successful members of society who are equipped with up-to-date stream of information and technology-based knowledge.


Our services are directed toward multi-level, interdisciplinary, and multi-functional group having a common interest in effective technology for learning, communication and productivity, with the ultimate aim of providing facilities, skills and manpower support.

This group includes:

  1. College students with IT requirements
  2. Basic Education students
  3. In-campus service departments with desktop computing
  4. In-campus events with audiovisual requirement
  5. Academic offices

Specific services include:

  1. Provision of fully-functional computers laboratories
  2. Preventive maintenance for all computers across the laboratories
  3. Information Desk services
  4. Acquisition of hardware and software
  5. Training


The CITS is located at the IT Building, Baliuag U Annex 1 Campus along A. Luna St., Baliwag, Bulacan. Its workforce is composed of: the Head of the Center, IT Staff Specialists, Audio Visual Technician and Student Assistants. The CITS also work in coordination with the University Network Administrator and its Computer Technicians.


  • Provision of well-kept laboratory facility
  • Technical assistance whenever necessary

Description of the facility

  1. There are Eleven fully-air conditioned computer laboratories maintained by the center – Eight (8) for College laboratories and Three (3) for Basic Education laboratories. Each laboratory is equipped with computers with high-resolution monitors, which are connected to the internet.
  2. All computers are using Windows operating system, regularly updated to a version commonly utilized within the industry.
  3. It carries high performance software tools for collegiate users like

Microsoft Volume Licensing; Adobe, Engineering software such as Autodesk, Mathlab and Simulink, Proplanner, and the likes.

On the other hand, the basic education laboratories also carry impressive bundles of interactive multimedia software such as Tekkids/Tek-High that enhances computer education in early learning up through integrated learning system using internet, pre-collegiate computer exercises and hands-on activities.


  • Provision of well-kept audio visual equipment
  • Technical assistance


The following are the audio visual equipment maintained by the CITS:

  1. High-class sound system equipment for the University Hall and the University Gym.
  2. Mobile sound system for university-related outdoor events
  3. 14 units of projectors bundled with Wide screen
  4. 2 sets interactive Pen for Projectors
  5. 10 units Portable Amplifier System
  6. 5 units laptop
  7. 2 units DVD Player with speakers
  8. 1 unit Handy Cam
  9. 2 units Digital Video (for broadcasting) cam bundled with 2 Tripod, 1 unit Input Video Switcher and 1 unit HDV Cassette Recorder

General Tasks of CITS to implement its services:

For Laboratories:

  1. Keep track of computer-class schedules and required software installations.
  2. Provide charted schedules for each laboratory with student assistants
  3. Post schedules by the entrance of each laboratory
  4. Prepare the laboratory 15 minutes before the start of class
  5. Monitor and assist faculty and students in the proper use of the facility
  6. Oversee full shutdown of the laboratory (air-con, UPS, computer terminals, printer, lights, and doors) after its use or at the close business.
  7. Regular cleaning of the equipment
  8. Oversee completion of Students Sign-Up Sheet
  9. Daily accomplishment of inventory forms and logbooks
  10. Reporting for any repair necessary
  11. Reporting of any violations made by end users

For Audio Visual:

  1. Oversee completion of request/accomplishment forms
  2. Keep track of the daily reservation for audio visual equipment
  3. Scheduling and assignment of setup team
  4. Preparation and technical assistance
  5. Reporting for any repair necessary
  6. Reporting of any violations made by end users


Downloadable Forms
PDF-ICON Activity Event Accomplishment Form (pdf/501kb)
PDF-ICON AV Request Form (pdf/633kb)
PDF-ICON Broadcast Equipment Borrower’s Form (pdf/470kb)
PDF-ICON Handy Cam Borrower’s Form (pdf/450kb)
PDF-ICON Lab. Daily Report form (pdf/570kb)
PDF-ICON SA Notice of Absence (pdf/402kb)
PDF-ICON Speech Laboratory Daily Report (pdf/259kb)



2nd Flr., Information Technology Building
F. Vergel de Dios Street, Baliwag, Bulacan
Tel No.: +63(44) 766 2045 local 504
Office Hours:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm