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At the Baliuag University-Guidance & Counseling Center, counseling is provided to students as individuals and groups, consultations to faculty, staff and concerned family and friends as needed. Counselors are trained to help students with educational planning, career decisions, understanding test scores, and personal concerns.

Services are offered to facilitate academic adjustment, self and relationship enhancement, life-career planning and decision-making, school-to-work adjustment and total well-being. The Guidance and Counseling Center is committed to maintaining an open and accepting environment in which all clients feel welcomed and valued.


To help young persons develop sufficient self-direction and social and emotional maturity, so that, as adults, they can make independent and well-informed decisions.

Specific Objectives

  1. To guide the student in gaining personal satisfactions in his life and in making contributions to society.
  2. To assist the student in meeting and solving personal problems as they arise.
  1. To help the student live a well-balanced life in all aspects of his being namely, physical, mental, social, moral and emotional.
  2. To increase the student’s power of self-direction and self-improvement.
  3. To counsel the student so that he may be reassured in any difficulties and problems that he may encounter.


Freshmen Orientation Program

 The University would like to make the freshmen students feel comfortable and important on the first day of their classes. They are provided with information which would help them become aware of the academic policies and various student support services that they need during their stay in the university. Parents are also invited for a separate orientation program.

Individual Student Inventory

 The Center determines the personal, psychological and social data of students thru the cumulative forms and utilizes the data to guide the school administration in developing related student programs and services. The cumulative record is kept during the duration of the student’s studies in the university until after his/her graduation.

Information Service

 The Guidance and Counseling Center facilitates pupil/student development by providing social/personal or educational/vocational / occupational information. Programs which may be relevant to the students adjustment to school and academic life, and in understanding and dealing with life and career issues are provided.

Counseling Service

The Guidance and Counseling Center provides counseling   service to assist the student in exploring his feelings, values, perceptions, interpersonal relationships, fears, and life choices. In doing so, he will be able to understand himself better to become a self-directed individual.

  • The service is offered to students who are experiencing difficulty as reflected in their cumulative records.
  • Individual counseling is also rendered to referred students who have unsatisfactory performance in their subjects.
  • It is extended to students who seek   personal help or enlightenment regarding family issues, academic difficulty and relationship concerns.
  • It is designed to assist the student understand himself and his opportunities; to make appropriate and effective adjustments to his environment; and to accept personal responsibility for his choice.

Referral and Follow-Up Service

Counselors link students to other school personnel/office who can further assist them with their concerns.  The same assistance is given when students or parents/guardians can be best helped by outside professional or agencies. The Referral System provides teachers an opportunity to find partners through the guidance counselors in managing the students who need help.

Follow up sessions are conducted among students who are counseled and are referred by faculty, administrators and other university staff.  It ensures that the student has learned appropriate behavior and decisions regarding his/her issues and needs.

Testing Service

To fully understand each student is not an easy task. It is therefore essential to have several tools like the anecdotal record, observation and interview reports, cumulative records in order to come up with a better picture of the person. Testing is one of the most effective and efficient tool.

The Guidance and Counseling Center uses a range of tests for a variety of purposes such as prediction of academic performance, categorization of occupational inte-rests, assessment of behavior, educational and career planning, and personal and social development.

The Testing Service is designed to conduct standardized tests which are necessary in the process of helping and assisting the individual student in assessing his personality, potentials, ability and skills.

Testing services are also extended to the Human Resource Department. Tests are administered to applicants for employment and to students applying for scholarship through the Student Assistance program.

Specifically, the objectives of the Testing Program are the following:

  • Identify students’ problems
  • Help the students gain understanding of their needs and personality, to realize their potentials, to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to know the implications of these.
  • Provide information necessary in understanding students.
  • Gather data which are used to predict future performance, diagnose student problems and learning difficulties, and evaluate instructional methods and programs.

Consultation and Coordination Service

This component involves activities and services provided by the counselors to support other educational programs of the school. Counselors participate in the realization of the BU Vision-Mission by making available services and programs for the students and significant others (teachers, peers, parents) involved in their (students) development. These are aimed at facilitating psycho-emotional development, academic and career adjustments, promoting social skills and leadership competencies, generating data relevant to  instruction and learning.

Research and Evaluation

 This service is designed to provide adequate and significant information and data for the continual development of the program and services of the Guidance Unit. It also provides assistance to various departments in measuring the programs and activities it offers. Data that are available at the Center are utilized for research purposes in collaboration with the Research Center and the Center for Academic Development and Assessment.



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