College of Environmental Design and Engineering


Why Choose BU?

The CEDE is one of today’s best and most highly esteemed engineering and technical schools in Region III. It’s a total environment of creative learning and practical application where you will be given all the tools to develop your technical expertise, problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and innovative thinking. Here, we will train you to bring together science,  art and technology to create structures, processes, devices and sound solutions while understanding and protecting the natural environment.

Programs Offered and Career Path

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Level II Second Reaccredited Status
Construction Engineer, Projects Manager, Geotechnical and Soils Engineer, Geo-environmental Engineer, Water Resources Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Design Engineer, Consultant, Educator, Contractor

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Project Engineer / Manager, Network System Administration / Manager, Data Communication Engineer, Systems Engineer / Developer / Manager, Systems Analyst / Designer, Technical Support Engineer / Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer / Manager, Test Engineer, Technopreneur, Educator, Researcher

 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Power Engineer – Power System Operation, Power System Protection, Power System Economics, Power Plant,
Design Engineer – Advance Power System, Advance Electrical Designer, Machine Automation and Process Control Designer, Illumination Engineer, Entrepreneur, Sales Engineer, Distribution Engineer, Engineering Educator and Researcher, Instrumentation and Control Engineer, Safety Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Construction and Project Engineer, Software Developer, Electrical Design Inspector

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
Broadcasting Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer, Electronics Designer, Computers Systems Engineer, Semiconductor Device Fabrication / Manufacturing, Automation, Feedback, Process control, Robotics and Mechatronics Engineer, Instrumentation and Telemetry Engineer, Industrial Electronics Engineer, Signal Processing Engineer, Optics Engineer, Medical / Biomedical Electronics Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Operations Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Design and Consultancy Engineer, Production Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Plant Engineer / Manager, Sales and Marketing Engineer, Researcher, Fabricator, Automotive Engineer, Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, HVAC Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Production Engineer, Organization and Decision System , Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering

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