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An education in Liberal Arts fosters knowledge and skills that are versatile and comprehensive to help students reach their full potentials, no matter the course they choose to pursue.

College of Arts and Sciences

our liberal arts core, provides a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students. Our quality, well-taught programs open many doors and opportunities for you, and positions you for success, by bringing you on an intellectual and experiential journey that involves critical thinking, social consciousness, strong communication skills and creative independence.

Choose from among our courses that span across the arts and sciences, and open yourselves to a wealth of opportunities.

Our Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Communication  Level III 2nd Reaccredited Status  

The degree integrates communication theories, principles, best practices and tools with hands- on experience in various fields of communication, such as jouranlism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations, scriptwriting, editing, programming and management. The program trains you to communicate in different formats and platforms, produce a range of communication materials, and demonstrate management and leadership skills, with consideration for ethical standards and practices.

Career Paths / Related Careers: This versatile degree can be applied to mass media roles involving the news, politics, lifestyle, sports, show business, environment, business and finance, and technology. You could also do work for print, radio, television, online, advertising, or PR.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

A partnership between BU and the Manila Times College, this program allows students to finish two degree programs in four years. While most courses are to be taken at BU, the student must enroll at The Manila Times college for two summer periods to finish the journalism major subjects.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Level III 2nd Reaccredited Status  

This pre-law course covers theories and methods related to the study of politics. Students conduct analysis of historical, legal, institutional and theoretical issues, to gain a substantive understanding of the discipline.

Career Paths / Related Careers: Aside from pursuing law, you can become a legal assistant, political analyst, paralegal assistant, journalist, educator, non-profit organization director, or public service officer or consultant.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

This program delves into economic theory and research, training students to be able to diagnose economic problems and effectively communicate economic arguments and research results. In addition, students will be instilled with a deep commitment in maintaining high ethical standards when it comes to economic data and results.

Career Paths / Related Careers: With an Economics degree, you can become a banker, economist, financial analyst, market analyst, staff accountant, financial advisor, investments analyst, business process consultant, brand manager, or marketing manager, among many others.

Bachelor of Science in History

The program focuses on the study of history as a social science and humanities discipline. You will learn about the history not only of the Philippines, but of Asia and the world as well. By learning to analyze the pattern of humankind’s development in each age; the political, social and cultural forms; ideas and institutions; and various achievements across the arts and sciences, you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to cull from multiple viewpoints and meet the challenges of today.

Career Paths / Related Careers: You can become an educator, writer, history instructor, researcher, museum staff, archivist, foreign service officer, or, or information manager. Moreover, you can get into historical research or journalism; or corporate planning and policy-making.

Bachelor of Science in English

The program provides students with a solid background in communication arts and literature. Critical thinking skills are developed as you are trained to analyze the literary and humanistic values of various literary genres and sources of information.

Career Paths / Related Careers: An English degree allows to pursue a wide variety of careers, such as being a writer, instructor, researcher, call center/marketing/sales executive, customer service representative, PR practitioner and advertising executive. Apart from these, you may also use this degree to enter Law or other graduate programs.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Level I Formal Accredited Status  

This program covers the major theories and concepts in psychology, and trains students in psychological research and application. This pre- med course emphasizes science, math, research analysis, behavioural and mental processes. Major areas of interest under this discipline include social, experimental, abnormal, industrial, clinical and child psychology.

Career Paths / Related Careers: As this is a pre- med course, you may pursue a career in medicine, or become a clinical psychologist, researcher, preschool teacher, special education teacher, developmental psychologist, or behavioral tutor for children with special needs.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

This program prepares students to help people find solutions to their social, mental, emotional and economic problems, through counseling, intervention programs, public awareness, social programs and health services. The curriculum integrates theory with real-world practice to provide a strong management and service orientation in social work, which involves social welfare and community development, social agency management, and community-based practices. Students come out of this program with a strong advocacy to help make better the quality of life of others.

Career Paths / Related Careers: Graduates of the Social Work program can find employment in private, corporate, and governmental or non- governmental organizations; hospitals, health centers, schools, or correctional community organizations. You may also pursue academic research, industrial social work, school social work, and counseling, among others.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This program involves the study of relevant mathematical theories and concepts, and their application to science (its methods and techniques), and to computer technology. It trains you to develop skills in critical analysis, problem- solving, argument and synthesis.

Career Paths / Related Careers: This versatile degree offers a wide range of opportunities, across many disciplines. You can choose to  teach in schools, or get into business and finance, marketing research, manufacturing operations, quality control, computer programming, testing, software design, or database management.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science NEW

This is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. It equips students with knowledge and skills in laboratory tests used in the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases.

In this program the students will learn how to collect, preserve and analyze specimens such as blood, urine, cells and tissues as well as the preparation of reagents (compounds or substances added to a specimen in order to create a chemical reaction) and stains (a discoloration made by a foreign matter). The program will also train them on how to use modern equipment, instruments and scientific methods to provide accurate laboratory results.

Career Paths / Related Careers: Upon passing the Licensure Exam, they can become biochemist, bacteriologist, blood bank technologist, clinical pathologist, histologist, microbiologist, parasitologist, medical research assistant, toxicologist, cytotechnologist, crime lab analyst, medical laboratory manager, pharmacologist, medical equipment sales representative, pharmaceutical sales representative, medical technician, chief medical technologist and/ or chief medical researcher.

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