Global Skills Partnership for third year BU Nursing students

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How the project is structured

Are you a nursing student with above-average commitment and would like to work in Germany as a nurse after your studies? In cooperation with the Philippine and German Universities and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH we are preparing BALIUAG UNIVERSITY (BU) nursing students to work and live in Germany as recognized nurses shortly after finishing their nursing studies in BU.

It integrates contents of the German nursing training program and German language training with the BU nursing curriculum / program and extends it for specialized training sections e.g. skills training.

A recognized professional qualification including nursing license in the Philip¬pines and the professional recognition in Germany is acquired.

Organization of the project

The project is organized jointly with Baliuag University, the University Hospital Bonn, and GIZ GmbH Philippines and Germany.

All preparations including issuance of visa, admission to the labour market and departure will be facilitated in close cooperation with the GIZ, the POEA, the ZAV (International Place¬ment Services of the Federal Employ¬ment Agency in Germany) or DeFa (Deutsche Fachkräfteagentur).

For more information about the project and the participation possibilities and conditions, please contact the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Baliuag University.

Interested students can apply formally with a letter of application and the certificates of the first two years addressed to DEAN or Office of the President? of the university.

The selection of participants is made by Baliuag University and ????. Who is UKB? Spell out

The participants sign a binding declaration of participation prior to joining the program.

Application is open to BU nursing students commencing with their 3rd year of studies in August 2020.

The participation to the program is for free .

Applicants must pay processing fees to POEA / OWWA Contribution / PhilHealth Contribution and Home Development Mutual Fund Contribu¬tion before deployment and commit themselves to stay within the duration of the project by signing a commit¬ment.

For further information, please contact the

College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences of Baliuag University
or GIZ Project coordinator Jolita Atienza
Phone: +63 xxxx xxxx