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BU autonomous status extended until 2019


After a careful evaluation by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Baliuag University (BU) has been granted an additional two years of autonomous status.

The status has been granted by CHED as the university has improved the quality and number of its research output, continued excellent standing in program accreditation, and has a high passing rate at board examinations.

Institutional Planning and Development Director Dr. Ramiro Plopino said the university was one of the educational institutions across the country that CHED granted autonomous status extensions until 2019.

Dr. Plopino said BU was able to produce more research output that are of international standards during the evaluation while also improving its community outreach programs, staff development, and quality of teaching.

“The university was able to comply with the standards and improve the different facets of its operations,” Dr. Plopino said.

An autonomous status frees an educational institution from regular monitoring and inspection from CHED.  It also allows them to introduce new programs without prior consent with CHED.

With autonomous status secured, Plopino said their strategic planning for the current academic year included adoption of recruitment and admission activities for both the senior high school (SHS) and college level, professional development for the faculty, and creation of a curriculum committee that will oversee the transition of subjects from SHS to college level curriculum.

In Dr. Plopino’s proposed plan, he cited the need for an external linkage officer to address the need for partnerships abroad, the possibility of study grants for SHS faculty and scholarships for siblings studying in the University.

In terms of infrastructure, Plopino suggested the reconstruction of the Basic Education campus and upgrade of the main campus in its medium to long term plans.

“Our plans reflect the needs that will address the concerns under K to 12. We have made resolutions on the different aspects but in the short term, we made it a point to attract more enrollees and promote the strength of our respective programs,” Dr. Plopino said.

BU was first granted full autonomy during in 2001.  It was also the year when it transitioned from being a college to a full pledged university.

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